Heck, it’s April, and you’re warning of a bad winter already? Well, not exactly; winter is a metaphor for your future. Many people who become clinicians do so for the primary purpose of helping others achieve happiness and joy. When they begin their journey, they find that documentation takes approximately 25% of the clinician’s time, up to 40 hours a month! 

Clinicians are generally people-oriented; they know how to engage and motivate individuals to embrace change! They are good at it! But if they don’t stay caught up in their documentation, they put themselves in jeopardy of a significant write-up and eventually termination. More importantly, however, it puts the agency in danger of losing necessary funding, charge-backs, and being subject to regulatory audit! 

Documentation is stressful, time-consuming, and challenging to balance. Clinicians are traditionally trained to track progress in clinical documentation. However, the regulators want interventions to address treatment plan goals, objectives, and strategies. The payors will only pay at the level of care the client qualifies for; those qualifications are determined by the acuity documented in the client chart! Low acuity, and lower level of care, often fail the client.

AutoNotes has the answers for your clinical team. Lowering time doing paperwork, creating practical memorialized clinical notes, lowering potential regulatory audits, increasing pass rates of credentialing audits, increasing higher level of care days, ensuring higher reimbursement rates, and improving the therapist’s ability to do the work that matters!