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Versatile templates designed for streamlining tasks across various specialties, including mental health therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more, ensuring standardized documentation for all.
The Progress Note template tracks a patient’s progress, visits, and treatment updates.
The Treatment Plan template kindly assists in organizing patient care simply and effectively.
Designed for group therapy sessions, this template organizes shared experiences, progress, and therapy dynamics.
This template efficiently captures session dynamics, client participation, and therapeutic progress in couples therapy.
The Intake Form streamlines the initial evaluation process, capturing essential patient history and presenting concerns.
This template simplifies the consolidation of treatment outcomes, follow-up plans, and patient status at discharge.
Streamlines session documentation by capturing family dynamics and therapeutic interventions concisely.
Streamlines documentation of EMDR sessions, focusing on treatment phases and client responses.
More templates on the way! Stay tuned for additional customizable options to enhance your documentation process.


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