• Template setting ported over from v2 w/ pronoun toggle.
  • Screen sizing issue on Safari. (Still has some bugs on very old versions, update to the newest version of Safari or Google Chrome to resolve.)
  • Scrolling issue on mobile and tablet.
  • Intervention abbreviation concern in Statement Library Categories
  • Max number of participants in a group has been increased.
  • SIRP & PIE note output issue.

In Process:

  • Creating an opt-in to save notes in settings.
  • Ability to customize the main template page so you only see relevant, selected or favorites templates.
  • PDF date issue. (Resolved in a development environment waiting to push live.)


  • Note Quality


  • Light and dark mode adapt to the system settings you currently have enabled on your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Empty MSE categories & MSE categories with symbols create a bug that will impact your ability to generate notes. Form validation must ensure that if a user customizes their MSE setting, they don’t create fields and leave them blank. (Resolved locally, waiting for code review/input from CTO to fix the issue for users who already have empty categories).


  • Clinical assessments response in output vague.

Other Valuable Information:

Copy: The “Copy” button is now on the right side of the screen above the document generation to the left of “Feedback” button.

Feedback: The “Feedback” button is now on the right side of the screen above the document generation.

2.0 BIPN: The “Basic Individual Progress Note” is the exact same prompt as the Progress Note in AutoNotes V2. If you had settings for this note, they have been transferred to the settings tab. (Please note that you should check your previous settings before creating your documents. If you have any empty sections in the MSE in settings, please delete them. They may impact your ability to generate notes.)

BIPN Settings: The “Basic Individual Progress Note” settings can be found in the top right corner. If you had settings in this note in version 2 they have been transferred over.