• Ability to customize the main template page so you can toggle between “All Templates” and “Favorite Templates”. You can Favorite a template by clicking the heart icon located on the top right of the Template box.
  • PDF signature issue.
  • Copy and feedback button styles have been updated.
  • Hypnotherapy (HT) has been added as a Therapeutic Modality.

In Process:

  • PDF date issue.
  • Document Saving “Opt-In” option.
  • Adding treatment modalities requested by users.
  • Tutorials/Videos for each template and new feature.
  • Increasing number of Treatment Plan goals allowed.
  • Ability to organize/manage Statements based on specialization.
  • Correcting treatment modality abbreviations and displaying their names.


  • Note/Document quality.


  • Caching issue causing documents not to save properly after they have been edited/modified by the user.
  • Copy button only pasting on certain websites/programs such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Workaround: If you are attempting to copy your note directly into another program, you may need to paste into a word document first, and then copy/paste from there OR copy the note directly from the AutoNotes editor or PDF download.


  • Clinical assessments response in output vague.

Other Valuable Information: