• Caching issue causing documents not to save properly after they have been edited/modified by the user successfully resolved.
  • Copy button fix (imports styles for places where it is possible to use them and plain text for text inputs/areas).
  • Credit system overhaul – Each organization has a monthly credit limit that is applied to all Basic (Free) Plan users.
  • Membership cancellation – “Unsubscribe” button now cancels at the end of the billing cycle. If user cancels their subscription, there is now a “Resume” button that shows up before the end of their billing cycle.
  • Interventions/Objectives for the Treatment Plan template have been adjusted/updated.
  • Fix for the Search bar on Statements page no longer inadvertently submits template.
  • Testimonials height on sign up wizard fixed for small height screens.
  • Cancel Subscription modal has been updated, 2nd button now reads “No, go back”.
  • Beta tag has been added to Templates that are published, but still under review/being updated.

In Process:

  • Date issue for PDF has been successfully resolved and will be approved/merged to production ( as soon as possible.
  • New Therapeutic Modalities requested by users are being added into knowledgebase.
  • Abbreviations and Full names of Therapeutic Modalities.
  • Goals are being added to the Treatment Plan template.
  • Document Saving “Opt-In” option is in development and will be added as soon as possible.
  • Clinical assessments response in output vague.


  • Note/Document quality.


  • Ability to Select/Deselect in order to bulk delete saved documents under “All Documents” requested and currently under review.
  • Ability to adjust length of document before generation requested currently under review.
  • Renewal Amount displayed incorrectly for users in the “Billing” tab under Settings.

Other Valuable Information:

  • Stay tuned for new videos and tutorials on our Help Center. Will be published next week!
  • Check out our Events page for more information regarding conferences the AutoNotes team will be attending.