• Date issue for PDF as well as on the Documents page fixed.
  • Firefox copy button fixed.
  • Advanced Individual Progress Note template output is now longer.
  • Credentials under Client signature have been removed.
  • BIPN Template Settings reset, if you have any issues with BIPN note generation please contact for an immediate fix.
  • Checkout price based on number of active users.
  • Membership price calculation in Settings > Billing is now displaying correctly.
  • All templates except for the Treatment Plan template have been updated to not use bullet points.
  • Duplicate BIPN templates is now fixed.
  • Increased number of goals Treatment Plan template.
  • User credits issue when inviting/adding members to an organization fixed.

In Process:

  • Character counter on text areas.
  • New Therapeutic Modalities requested by users are being added into knowledgebase.
  • Abbreviations and Full names of Therapeutic Modalities.
  • Document Saving “Opt-In” option is in development and will be added as soon as possible.


  • Note/Document quality.


  • Ability to Select/Deselect in order to bulk delete saved documents under “All Documents” requested and currently under review.
  • Ability to adjust length of document before generation requested and currently under review.
  • Ability to change output to write in third person instead of first person as an option has been requested and currently under review. Workaround: you can instruct the AI for the BIPN in the template settings to do this although the output may not be perfect.
  • Dictation feature not working properly on the Intake Assessment template, currently under review.

Other Valuable Information:

  • Live AutoNotes v3 Demo/Webinar will be announced soon!
  • New videos and product tours are currently in the works. When the product tours are live they will show up inside of the app, and new videos and articles can be found on our Help Center.