• Confirmation popup added when unchecking the Signature field inside of a document. (“This action will clear out the signature. Do you wish to continue?”)
  • Add new payment method issue fixed.
  • Length Validation on First and Last Name fields.
  • Search field width on mobile fix.
  • Create root folder cache update.
  • Presets modal scroll issue fixed.
  • Light theme design updates.
  • Downgrade plan issue resolved.

In Process:

  • Regenerate button on document output page.
  • Template page styles fix.
  • New Preset popup/modal only able to close by clicking the “x” button.
  • Treatment plan template issues.
  • Tutorials/guides for features.
  • Statements page scroll.
  • Loading/spinner update.
  • Preset feature fields with the Statements/Lightbulb icon not working properly.
  • Users being randomly logged out while actively using the system.


  • Note/Document quality.


  • User email change may be causing a bug and currently under review.
  • Users having issue with having to click the generate button more than once for document to generate.

Other Valuable Information:

  • New tutorial videos added today and more will be added this week. You can view them on our help center here.
  • Please check out the Help Center folder here: If you are interested in an Enterprise Plan, please take a look at our help article here.
  • For Custom Template quotes, please fill out the form located here and we will get back to you ASAP.